If you rent a house, apartment or condominium, you’re probably thinking there are some obvious reasons why you should purchase Tenants Insurance: like break-ins and theft, for example. But what about unexpected events like fire or water damage—did you know that your contents are not insured by your Property Manager or Landlord’s insurance policy? If you left the stove unattended and a fire caused additional damage to other units in the building, could you afford to pay for the costs?

When you purchase contents insurance, your valuables are covered even if they are lost, stolen or damaged outside of your residence.

Although your landlord has a responsibility to maintain safe walkways outside of your house or apartment, you have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions inside your living quarters. Whether it’s the pizza delivery guy who enters your porch or your friends who come over to watch the football game, any unexpected injuries like a minor slip-and-fall sustained inside your dwelling could set you back financially if you have to settle damages in court.

The purpose of a Policy is to absorb some of the loss instead of paying for it all by yourself.

Reduce Problems and Risk
Nobody likes to think about events that could harm us physically or financially, but when you’ve purchased insurance, you reduce problems and transfer some of the financial risk that comes with accidents and loss of personal belongings over to the insurance company. At Rayner Agencies Ltd., our mission is to provide our clients with sound insurance coverage at the most competitive rates. We are a family-owned insurance brokerage in Saskatoon and have been selling insurance products in Saskatchewan since 1971. Let us help you reduce the financial risk and cut through the clutter of purchasing a Tenants Insurance policy.

Not sure what the contents of your apartment or home are worth?
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