Condominium Corporation Master insurance policies are very different from insurance policies for individual condominium unit owners. Condominium Master policies are intended to provide coverage for all Common Property of the Corporation, i.e. Building(s) plus all other property that may be defined in the Bylaws of the Corporation. Other coverages would also include Commercial General Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Equipment Breakdown Insurance, etc. Insurance for strata corporations is much more complex than insurance for single-family dwellings as there are two parties involved: the owner of the individual unit; and the condominium corporation itself. Let our experienced staff assist you with choosing the right options for a condominium complex.


  • building and fixtures
  • air conditioning systems and elevators
  • liability for property damage and bodily injury occurring on common property
  • course of construction
  • hallways, stairs, parkades, roof, and recreational facilities

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