Your dental practice, clinic, and laboratory all require a variety of insurance coverages to protect them from unexpected events. Our goal is to provide your business with sound insurance advice and coverage that is tailored to your needs at a competitive price.

Your practice can be covered for:

  • equipment breakdown
  • property coverage
  • lessees coverage
  • business interruption
  • cyber liability
  • overland water coverage
  • crime and vandalism coverage
  • professional liability

Our professional and medical services commercial broker, Kayla McLaughlin, will help you identify areas of exposure for your dental practice, and will review your current insurance policy with you to ensure you’re covered in areas that matter to you.

We have invested our time to review the insurance coverage some dental practices have purchased through the Canadian Dental Association (CDA), and found in some instances these policies: lack the necessary coverages; include coverages that are not relevant to a dental practice; or include additional coverage(s) that may not be necessary. As a brokerage, we will cross-shop multiple insurance providers to ensure that your dental practice is paying a fair rate for the coverages it requires.

Kayla McLaughlin, CAIB, can be reached at 306-986-3223 or via email at for more information.

If you have any questions, contact us!