Saskatchewan offers three types of temporary vehicle registration permits.

These include a 24-hour permit, an in-transit permit, and a Temporary Saskatchewan Insurance Card.

SGI Requirements

  • 24-Hour Permits

    This type of permit can be issued only to the owner of the vehicle and if proof of ownership is provided. A 24 hour permit is valid in Saskatchewan only and costs $20.00.

  • In-transit Permits

    An in-transit permit is available for individuals who are taking a vehicle from point A in Saskatchewan to point B outside of Saskatchewan. This type of permit is valid up to 7 days or 24 hours after you reach your final destination. This permit is designed for transportation and is void if you stop at any destination for more than 24 hours. To issue an in-transit permit, the owner must present the issuer with the original proof of ownership for the vehicle. The cost of this permit is $30.00.

  • Temporary Saskatchewan Insurance Card (TIC)

    A TIC can be purchased when bringing a vehicle back to Saskatchewan. The TIC provides insurance for your vehicle; therefore, the registration must be purchased from the jurisdiction where you purchased the vehicle. If you are traveling through more than one jurisdiction, you must check with each jurisdiction’s registration requirements. The temporary insurance card is beneficial because it will prevent you from having to purchase other jurisdiction’s insurance which, in some cases, may be substantially more expensive. This insurance is not specific to one vehicle so it is ideal for individuals who are traveling out of the province hoping to purchase a vehicle abroad. To issue a TIC, the issuer only needs your driver’s licence and it should be issued in the same name as shown on the intended Bill of Sale. The cost of a TIC is $11.00 and is valid for 7 days. Even though your TIC is valid for a maximum of 7 days, it expires once you get the vehicle to your home address. To get the inspection completed if required, you need to then purchase either a 24 hour permit, or an 8 day permit, or you have the option of purchasing a temporary 28 day plate. There is also the option of purchasing a 7 day TIC that is used towards a newly acquired vehicle, which is to be registered in your name, and where you will be using your active plate from a vehicle you have recently sold or otherwise disposed of. The vehicle must be similar in nature and the cost of this TIC card is $2.00.

  • Purchase Policy

    Please note that all permits are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

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