Home insurance covers you for losses or damages incurred to your home, its contents, as well as for liability for accidents that may happen at your home. Your home is often a person’s largest asset and protecting it is important. Ask us how!

Often referred to as Homeowner’s Insurance, this type of policy protects your dwelling, outbuildings, and belongings against losses or damage resulting from fire or lightning, smoke, vandalism, windstorms, hail and water escape, to name only a few. Coverages offered under this type of policy can vary from very basic to very comprehensive. Our qualified and experienced staff can assist you with making a choice best suited to your needs and requirements.


  • generally required from a mortgage lender to protect their interests
  • can include a variety of discounts if you qualify
  • know the difference between basic coverage and policies that offer enhanced coverage
  • we specialize in understanding your specific needs to ensure you are adequately covered in the event of a loss
  • offer you quotes from a variety of companies to ensure you get the best rate and coverage possible
  • we understand your needs first

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