Rayner Agencies Ltd. provides both Notary Public and Commissioner for Oath services. We are able to provide documents (e.g. Statutory Declarations) that pertain to children traveling with friends and/or family members, real estate, or other forms when presented.

FAQ Quick Questions

  • What is a Notary Public?

    A Notary Public is someone who can sign passport documents, certify copies of original documents such as birth certificates, sign (and in some cases prepare) Statutory Declarations such as travel documents, as well as certify documents under The Homestead Act, 1989. They can also administer oaths of affidavits to be used in or out of Saskatchewan. Notarized documents sometimes requires authentication of a signature.

  • Do I Need a Notary or a Lawyer?

    Members of the Notary Public do not provide legal advice or counsel. However, a Notary Public can notarize a document that has already been prepared by a lawyer.

  • Need to book an appointment?

    You may contact our office at any time by mail (electronic or postal) or by telephone at the following location:
    Rayner Agencies Ltd.
    100 – 810 Central Avenue
    Saskatoon, SK S7N 2G6
    (306) 373-0663

  • What can a Notary Public do?

    A member of the Notary Public can:
    – administer oaths;
    – receive affirmations;
    – receive declarations; and
    – notarize contracts and other mercantile documents in Saskatchewan.

    The usual role of a Notary Public in Saskatchewan is to administer oaths and take and receive affidavits, affirmations and declarations. A Notary Public is also frequently called upon to make a notarial copy of a document for official purposes. In addition, a Notary Public is authorized by legislation of Saskatchewan or Canada to undertake other duties such as oaths. A Notary Public must ensure that a document has been fully completed prior to subscribing his or her signature or affixing his or her seal.

  • Services

    – Travel documents
    – Certifying copies of original documents
    – Statutory Declarations
    – Notarize forms
    – Affidavits

Please note: We do not provide legal counsel when commissioning or notarizing such documents.

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