Saskatchewan employs a mandatory vehicle registration and insurance program. Your licence plate provides you with a $700.00 deductible and up to $200,000.00 of liability insurance.

SGI Requirements

  • First Time Registration

    When registering a vehicle for the first time the customer must present an original proof of ownership. If you are registering a vehicle that was previously registered in another jurisdiction, the vehicle must pass inspection before it can be registered. The inspection papers must be present at the time of registration. Similarly, if you are registering a new vehicle the dealership will provide you with a New Vehicle Information Statement (NVIS), this must also be present at the time of registration.

  • Plate Renewals

    Your licence plates can be renewed at our office, or any motor licence issuer.

    In order to renew a licence plate, you need to provide the issuer with either your previous registration, your driver’s licence, or your existing plate number.

    If you choose to purchase additional insurance, this can also be arranged.

  • Importing A Vehicle

    If customer is importing a vehicle from outside Canada the proper import documents must be presented along with original proof of ownership and inspection papers.

    For further information on importing vehicles into Saskatchewan, please call our office at 306-373-0663 or call the Registrar at 1-888-848-8240.

  • Payment Plans

    There are three basic types of payment plans: annual, short term, and monthly.

  • Plate Transfers

    When purchasing a new vehicle, or using an existing vehicle, you may transfer your current plate registration term. In order to do this the existing registration must match the owner of the new vehicle. Plates may not be transferred from one person to another.

    In order to complete a transfer please provide your existing registration and your proof of ownership for the new vehicle. The cost of a transfer is $15.00 plus any difference in premium for the remainder of the term.

    SGI will provide insurance coverage for 7 days to an owner who has sold a vehicle with valid Saskatchewan licence plates and acquired another vehicle to replace it. This 7 day grace period only applies to a replacement vehicle of similar class, gross vehicle weight and use. Also the owner of both vehicles must be the same. This grace period may not apply in other jurisdictions. You must check with that jurisdiction in the event of this occurrence.

  • Plate Cancellations

    Licence plates may be cancelled at any time by the registered owner. If the registered owner is unable to come into an office they may send someone in on their behalf with written permission to complete the transaction. On your vehicle registration there is a section for cancellation release, this may be signed if you are unable to cancel your plates yourself. Cancellations must be done in person, and may not be completed over the phone. The fee for vehicle cancellation is $25.00.

  • Change of Ownership

    When a vehicle changes ownership in Saskatchewan, the purchaser must pay PST on the vehicle before it can be registered and plated. PST is determined on vehicles that are less than 10 model years old by the Red Book value or the purchase price of the vehicle; whichever is greater. Vehicles that are 10 years old or older, have PST determined by the purchase price.  

    When a vehicle is traded in, PST is paid on the value of newly acquired vehicle minus the value of your trade in. 

    Vehicles purchased for personal or farm use that are valued/purchased for $5,000 or less are exempt from PST. 

    Farmers, including farm corporations, are treated the same as private entities and are not exempt from paying PST. 

    Qualifying family members (parent, sibling, grand-parent, or child) may gift a vehicle to another family member without paying taxes if the following conditions are met:

    • The vehicle is not used for business or commercial purposes by either the donor or the recipient of the vehicle.
    • Saskatchewan PST was previously paid for the vehicle.
    • The Letter of Gift provided by the qualifying family member must specify the familial relationship.
    • The donor has had the vehicle registered in their name for a minimum of 30 days.

    For more information regarding PST, please contact Saskatchewan Finance at 306-787-6768. 

  • All Classes of Vehicles

    There are three basic classes of vehicles: private, commercial, and farm. Private vehicles are noted as “LV” and are rated as “one ton” or less. These vehicles may be used for personal or commercial use to: haul any type of commodity, carrying passengers without compensation, for a private car pool or for transporting no more than 8 students to and from school.

    Commercial vehicles are further rated as “A” (A can be used for hauling any commodities or cargo and on a for-hire basis for anyone and anywhere in the province), “C” or “D” (can be used for hauling a variety of commodities).

    Plates for other types of road vehicles and trailers are also subject to provincial licencing requirements.

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