With e-bikes becoming increasingly popular, it is important to be aware of the insurance restrictions that exist in Saskatchewan. All e-bikes in the province are limited to a maximum of 500 watts of power and their maximum speed cannot exceed 32 km/h. If you own an e-bike, it is important to let your broker know so they can schedule it under your home, condo or tenant insurance policy because most policies have insufficient value limits to properly cover them, or they may exclude e-bikes from automatically being covered.


If you own an e-bike that is rated at more than 500 watts, and/or can exceed 32 km/h, there may be difficulties finding coverage for your bike.  The reason being is that e-bikes are often used on public roadways and the current legislation around more powerful e-bikes has not been updated.  The sticking point in legislation is that e-bikes are not mentioned in the Automobile Accident Insurance Act (A.A.I.A.), and their use on public roadways implicates them as a vehicle in this category.  Until a proper review of legislation is done, there are limitations that will exist for insurance.


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