It goes without saying that your longest term employees are often the face of your company and nothing could be further from the truth when speaking about one person in particular, Janet Glow, who will be retiring from Rayner Agencies at the end of this year after providing 24 years of exceptional service to our customers and staff. Janet started with the company in 1999 and did so right in the midst of the Y2K era. Even though Janet considers herself to be one of the most non-technical people around, her calming demeanor and several “Don’t worry, it’ll be fine!” anecdotes kept everyone in good spirits. Whether you called the office or decided to walk in, for 24 years Janet was there to greet you without fail. Her style was the epitome of prim and proper professionalism with a work ethic that never wavered during her many years of service. Over her career, Janet took on many responsibilities which was a testament to her ability of getting the job done. She’s proud of her 17-page job description which is not only accurate but is a testament to her ability. It is truly a remarkable accomplishment. Her passion for administration showed every day and eventually culminated in yet another role she embraced as the “Office Mom” (every office has one, right?) because she knew something about everything.


Janet, for all the years of service, passion, and dedication – thank you.


Our customers and our entire team will miss you! From all of us at Rayner Agencies, congratulations on having fulfilled a very long and successful career with us, and we wish you the very best on your upcoming retirement!


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